Trading Profitably is Difficult but Possible

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Trading profitably is difficult but social media is flooded with well crafted advertisements selling trading courses that promise quick returns. They claim that becoming a successful trader is easy: all you need to do is learn a few strategies that will enable you to generate massive profits and quickly quit your day job.

This is a lie. The truth is that trading profitably is difficult.

So difficult that 8 out of 10 traders lose money.

When it comes to learning how to trade, you should only trust professionals with a proven track record of success. Do not trust savvy online marketers with a catchy sales pitch.

To start trading profitably, you must learn from profitable traders.

Here are some trusted online resources that can help you learn how to trade stocks properly.

1 – Learn The Basics of Finance

A – Investopedia

The best place to learn the basics of stocks and finance is Investopedia.

Created in 1999, Investopedia is now the Wikipedia of investing, only better. They have thousands of useful articles, free and paid educative resources, and a stock market simulator to hone your trading skills. It is an incredible source of knowledge that should be at the very top of your finance bookmark folder.

B – John Academy

John Academy  is a leading online training provider company which provides a complete learning experience with an internationally accredited certificate. With a 4.79/5 star reviews, it is an internationally trusted platform. They offer courses in just about every domain, including financial anaysis, stock market, and forex trading.

In addition, they have unbeatable rates. Check out these incredible offers:

2 – Learn the Fundamentals of Trading

Free resources will only take you so far. If you want to become a serious trader, you must learn from the pros. There is no free lunch and serious traders will never share their knowledge and winning strategies for free.

Here are three trusted online platforms who offer top quality courses on how to trade stocks and understand the financial markets.

A – The Knightsbridge Trading Academy

The Knightsbridge Trading Academy is a reputed provider of online courses who will teach you how to trade by learning from the elite traders, CISI accredited tutors, brokers and financial analysts in the industry, who have worked for some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world.

Their tutors have a combined experience of over 75 working years in the financial sector. They have developed programs designed to improve investment strategies using fundamental and technical analysis, investment psychology, risk management, asset allocation and how to interpret news.

If you’re serious about learning how to navigate financial markets, you should enroll in one of their high-quality courses:

B – John Academy

John Academy offers a very popular 1 Year Level 3 – Diploma in Forex Trading for just $15.

Trusted option n°3: ECourses4You

ECourses4You is an undisputed leader in online training: with over 45 years of combined sales experience and 18 years of e-learning expertise, they are an internationally respected platform who offer high quality courses.

Save 71% on the Professional Trader: Gold Package – Learn How to Trade the Financial Markets program. This course includes a beginner introduction to financial markets, intermediate Master Trader Programme and the Advanced – CISI & CPD Accredited Trading Programme.

You will receive a Knightsbridge Certificate of Achievement upon successfully completing the course.

2 – Network with Industry Leaders

Once you’ve mastered the basics of trading, you should follow industry leaders to gain more insight on how they craft and implement their sophisticated trading strategies.

Ticker Tocker is an intuitive trading platform connecting investors to top trading leaders. It offers both beginner and advanced trading courses in stocks, futures, forex, and commodities. You can also consult free video courses produced by top traders. It’s also a network platform where you access the global network of trading leaders to gain insights through live trade ideas, live broadcasts, and verified leader profiles Lastly, it offers powerful social charting tools to help you visualize market momentum and create and robotrade complex automated trading strategies.

This website is high level and provides top quality content. However, most of the material is very advanced so I only recommend it to people who already have solid knowledge of financial markets.

3 – Earn Extra Income

Did you know that you can make money by selling options on the stocks you own?

A call option is a contract which provides the buyer with the possibility – but not the obligation – to buy a specified quantity of a security at a predefined price – called the strike price – within a predermined date – called the expiration. The seller of the contract is paid a premium for taking on the risk associated with the obligation.

As the owner of a stock, you can sell call options in the hope that they expire worthless so you can pocket the premium. If the buyer decides to buy the security, you sell your stocks at the predetermined price. In sum, selling call options on stocks and ETFs you already own is a great way to earn extra income.

BornToSell is an online platform which provides covered call investment tools.

They specialize in options and offer:

  • Tutorials on how to use covered call options to generate recurring monthly income,
  • Screeners to find the best buy-write opportunities.
  • The ability to sell options on stocks you already own.

Here are two awesome and completely FREE tutorials to learn more about this strategy:

There are plenty of other online platforms where you can learn how to trade stocks but these trusted sources with qualified instructors who provide quality courses. From free courses to premium plans, there’s something adapted to everyone’s needs.

I can hear you say that some of these courses are expensive. That’s true, but if you want to become a profitabe trader, you should view purchasing these courses as an investment.

The skills they teach you will enable you to make money for the rest of your life, whereas the get rich quick courses you see on social media will provide you with superficial knowledge that may end up costing you money when you start trading for real.

When it comes to money and investents, never take the easy route, because making money is not easy. It takes hard work, patience and knowing how to make smart decisions.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing.

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